How To Send Us Documents

If you need to send us documents, our preferred way of receiving documents is through our portal system.  

Sending us documents via email is not a secure way of protecting sensitive information like tax returns, social security numbers or financial statements that may be included in those documents.  Unless you encrypt your email messages, someone may be able to intercept and read your email and information can be forwarded to people without your knowledge or consent.  We cannot be responsible for any security breaches if you send sensitive information through an unsecure method like unencrypted email.  

Methods That You Can Use To Send Us Information Include:

  • Our Client Portal System (preferred).  Instructions for using our portal system can be found in this article:
  • US Postal Service Or Other Delivery System
  • Drop Off Documents At Our Office

Please Do Not:

  • Send Us Attachments To Email
  • Do Not Send Us Links (Dropbox, Box, Google, etc.)
  • Do Not Fax
  • Do Not Send Documents Via Text
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