Using Our Portal System

For your convenience and security, any file or document you have in electronic format can be uploaded easily to our secure online portal.  Your username and password will be emailed to you when your portal has been set up.  This will also be where you retrieve your financial statements, tax returns, and any other documents that we need to send you electronically, as email is not secure enough for sensitive financial information and does not conform to electronic security laws.  

What Is A Client Portal?

A client portal is a web-based software application that allows for secure file sharing and collaboration. It can be accessed from any device with internet access. 

Why Should You Use Our Client Portal System?

  • Securely share your documents with us via the portal system.  No cumbersome FTP, CDs, or thumb drives required. 
  • Protect your confidential information.  The portal system provides bank-level data encryption to secure your files. 
  • You have 24/7/365 access to your documents.  You don’t need to call us every time that you need a document from us.  Simply log into your portal and download the files.  

How To Access Your Client Portal

How To Upload Documents To Your Client Portal

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