Guidelines For Working With Third Party Payroll Processors

Here are our guidelines for working with your third-party payroll processor:

  • Assistance with setup or ongoing maintenance of your third-party platform is not included as a part of your monthly engagement with us. If you require assistance with the set-up or ongoing maintenance, you can engage Walton CPA PC to provide additional software setup consultation services for an additional fee.
  • You must set us up with access to your third-party payroll processor platform. Please use the following credentials when setting up our access: Email: The phone number is 972-905-0300. It is a good idea to email your team once you’ve set up our access so we can look for any emails that may be sent to us.
  • Do not set up your third-party payroll platform to automatically integrate directly with your accounting software platform.

If you have any questions about working with third party payroll platforms, please contact your account manager.

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