1099 Delivery Issues

If a vendor notifies the payor that they did not receive their Form 1099, the payor should take the following actions:  

  1. Confirm that a 1099 was prepared for that recipient.  All payors should have a copy of the 1099’s that were issued in their client portal account. The client copy also indicates how the Form 1099 was to be delivered and the date of delivery.  
  2. If a 1099 was prepared, the payor should look for obvious reasons why the 1099 was not received.  Was the correct address reported on the 1099?  Was it emailed to the correct email address?  If incorrect information was used, please provide us with the correct information and the payor should provide a duplicate copy of the 1099 to the recipient.    
  3.  If a 1099 was not prepared, we will prepare a 1099 upon request, however, additional fees will apply.    
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