Communicating With Us

We value effective communication and collaboration. We are part of your business team now and we will need to communicate information and share documents on a regular basis.

We need your engagement in this process in a manner that works for all of us.

We "time block". This is how we stay on task and get stuff done on time. Including your stuff! We strive to get back to you  by the end of the next business day, but keep in mind there is no such thing as an "accounting emergency" that an instant response can solve.

Your Team

We operate as a team to provide you with bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, tax and financial services.  Your team may include a client manager, a staff accountant, and a payroll specialist.

Please direct your communications as follows:

  •          Your Staff Accountant for all questions related to accounting & bookkeeping questions.
  •          Your Payroll Specialist for all payroll related questions. 
  •          Your Client Manager for complex tax and business questions

How To Communicate With Us


Email is our preferred communication method.  This is how we track, document and action what you need us to accomplish for you.

Telephone Communications

When you call our office, you may first reach our voice mail system. Please press the person’s extension that you wish to reach. If you prefer a live operator to take your call, please press 0. We attempt to return all calls within 24 business hours.

Phone : (972) 299-7335

Phone Calls or Zoom Meetings

We welcome phone calls or Zoom meetings by appointment if it is a more efficient medium for discussion or to explain a situation or scenario.

Text, voice mail, social media or any other chat platform

Please do not communicate with us through text, voice mail, social media messaging or chat.

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