How To Automatically Schedule Emailed QBO Reports

You can schedule automatic reports to be emailed out of QuickBooks Online. 

First, open the reports you need, customize it, and save the customization.

  1. Click on Reports at the left pane.
  2. Look for the report you want to open on the search field.
  3. Tap in to open.
  4. Make the necessary customization you need, then click on the Save customization to save the report.
  5. Enter the custom report's name.
  6. Add a group if you want to add the report to a certain group.
  7. Select who do you want to share the report with.
  8. Hit Save to record it.

Once completed, go to the Custom Reports column to set a scheduled email.

  1. Go to Reports at the left pane, then click on Custom reports.
  2. Locate the customized report, then tap on Edit under Action.
  3. Click the Set email button to turn it on.
  4. Set your desired email recurrence.
  5. Enter the email information for sending the report.
  6. If you want to send the report as an Excel file, you can put a check-mark on the Attach the report as an Excel checkbox. Otherwise, the report is sent in HTML format. 
  7. Click Save.
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